Best time point to online Skype sex

About Skype chat statistic

Here is an article about when is the best time to go online on
We have checked all token transfers and created this post for our Skype models.
Perhaps it is a little help for new Skype performers and a confirmation for old models that they are online in a right time. The post includes that what days and hours are better.

We had not checked how many online performers have been online, may the worst hour and day depend the numbers of online performers. But it is a 3 years encompassing statistic, so we do not think that online number is too relevant.
These are the facts, not more and not less.


When will successful camsex

Your best chance to a successful Skype show is the first day of the week. If you are online on Monday, your chance to a paying Skype session is +12%. So, the most people want Skype sex in this time, and if you want to earn more money, you have to log in your SkyPeepZ account and go online on this day. That is better as other days.
Look at the graph and you can see your own eyes.

daily private skype shows

On other days has not significantly diverse. The worst day is the last day of the week. Your chance is worse on Sunday (-12%). Ergo, difference between the first and last day of the week is 24 percent. We recommend you do not miss the occasion. The most member want camsex on Monday.


The best hour to private Skype show

Server is running Central Time Zone UTC-06:00 (USA – Texas – Houston).
As the most performers are from East-Europe, therefore we write in this time too.
Please check out the graph.

utc-6 skype sex hours

You can see the start is hard, but as we move forward in time our chance going to better and better. There is a breakpoint at 9 O’clock. The momentum holds to 19 O’clock. This is 10 hours. Roughly half of the day. Okay, but what does it mean in different countries?
If you are living in +2 TZ, then you have to add +8 hours to the time (on graph).
(UTC-6 to UTC 0 (+6) and UTC 0 to GMT+2 (+2), so it is overall +8)

But if you do not like maths, and do not want to count, here is in Eastern European Time. East-European Skype cam models can use this:

skype sex hours in eet


Sex in Skype, the perfect time point

We can say the best time point to a hot sex in Skype at Monday 17 O’clock.
This is in different time zones:
– London (UK) – Monday, 23:00
– Budapest (HU) – Tuesday 00:00
– Bucharest (RO), Moscow (RU) Tuesday – 01:00
– Sydney (AU) Tuesday – 09:00

An important thing. There is no hours when nobody want to do Skype camsex. So, my suggestion is that you be online most of time. You can never know when want a client a cam sex with you.


Skype sex statistics on SkyPeepZ

Statistics of year 2015. We checked some important thing that can be important to you.


Most of the visitors were from the USA, 21,38% from the all visits. The next countries are UK, Germany, India and Italy. If we want to find the highest city, then it is London. The most visitor came from London.

United States 21,38%
United Kingdom 13,11%
Germany 4,66%
India 4,36%
Italy 3,45%



Desktop is the top, but ratio of mobile and tablets are increasing. We think a few years later there will be the 1st place in the list. This count was 81,66% to desktop in 2013, and now is 66,66%. Mobile and tablet could grow 15% in 2 years, and the process is faster and faster. We think mobile and tablet can reach 50% from the all traffic in 2016.

2015 2014 2013
Desktop 66,66% 73,53% 81,66%
Mobile 27,08% 20,19% 13,12%
Tablet 6,26% 6,29% 5,22%



Yes it is a stupid information for average users, but we noticed an interesting facts.
Firefox was a popular browser a few years ago, but now… fewer and fewer users are using it. Chrome is getting more popular.

Chrome 47,97%
Safari 16,8%
Firefox 16,43%
Internet Explorer 8,31%
Opera 2,58%


Keywords and search traffic

What are looking for our visitors? Here is a table that includes the top 5 keywords.
You can see the first in the list is skypeepz (the name of website), and each next keywords include this word; sex.

Keyword Percent Landing page
skypeepz 2,44% home
skype sex cam 1,91% girls
free skype sex 1,75% girls page 2
skype sex 1,58% girls
skype sex shows 1,31% home


Most popular Skype models

Skype model Visits
StephanyQ 23 876
dolcedallya 15 032
orgasmik90 14 281
clarisa_clary 14 183
AnnaBellaQ 13 960

skype models


Top rated models

katrinajamesonn The best sex show on cam!
DolceEli Rafined, Sensual, Obident Model
StephanyQ Cum and see Pure XXX tasy
Erinne Come fuck me hard bb!
clarisa_clary NEW NEW NEW! Let’s Have Fun Guys!

top rated girls


New models

We do not listed all models, because the list is long. We write just a number.
249 new models had begun to work in the previous year.


Skype shows

The most popular shows are the 5 minutes length Skype shows, and the 2nd are the 15 minutes shows.

5 minutes shows 50,08%
10 minutes shows 15,27%
15 minutes shows 25,50%
20 minutes shows 6,52%
30 minutes shows 1,62%
45 minutes shows 1,01%

Average token sending is 17, and the most popular amount is 10 tokens.
 the site of Skype sex renewed

Feature: SkyPeepZ 3.0
Release: September 22, 2015.

We changed the old site to a new one. SkyPeepZ has a new design and back-end code among others. More functions will be simply and easier to use. We do not speak about technical issue, because it is not important to you, and it is not a coder blog. We think the users who visit this blog are looking for Skype sex or any webcam topic with cyber sex.

Here is a list what are the major new features with the exception of website design:

Profile page – SI
You can see on the models’ profile page a new box. This box includes a number (SI). Successfulness index (SI) shows the ratio of the successful live cam shows.
The script monitors only the ratio of refunds and shows.

What does it mean?
Here is an example about SI.
The model has 10 shows, but 1 was fake (or she did not do), and we refunded. SI is 90%.
If the performer has 50 shows and we must refund 2 shows the SI is 96%.
Or if she has 30 shows and 0 refunds, then her SI is 100%.
So SI is help for you in choose.

We created a new message system. You can find your old messages in the new system too. You can see a number on the top of page that shows how many unread messages you have. Your read messages are grouped by username, and sorted by date. It looks like a chat, you can see the overall chat history on one page.

Login page
We have introduced Google recaptcha on login page.
A fucking idiot always tried to access to users login details and ran a script what tried username / password combination. He could not access any account, but the server was slow. Google recaptcha is a good solution to this issue. A better protection for your account, and a faster server (website).

Performer side
If you want a performer account you can register as performer. You could not select direct performer registration in the old version of website, but now you can.


Removed list
We have removed the list of fake performers. You can find the list, because the URL is valid, but you cannot find a direct link on website. So the list is here: Fake Skype models

We have removed 2 categories as well, esoteric and learning. Nobody looking for performers from these categories therefore we think these are unnecessary.


You can find more information about the new site in the following link: SkyPeepZ Skype sex manual. We hope you will enjoy every new features and you will be satisfied.



Secure and successful Skype sex with our new Credit Card Processor

Feature: New Credit Card Processor
Realase: March 17, 2014.

Have you tried purchasing Tokens, but the transaction has been rejected?
Do you live in “third party country”, and no one accept your card for “adult services”?
Do you want a secure and simple payment method to Skype sex?

If you say yes to any question, we say you we can help you.

blocked countries

Our first Credit Card Processor rejected the most transaction, they have many blocked countries currently too. (For example they have blocked more countries in the EU and around the World, as Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Israel, Turkey, Russian Federation etc. and purchase could not be processed from these countries… Until now…)

We are joined by a new, second Credit Card Processor, and now each SkyPeepZ members can buy Tokens.

No more rejected transaction, no more nervousness.

online purchase

Purchase tokens securely, and enjoy the Skype sex. We can add you to our white-list if you would be any problem with purchase. But we think, that it is not necessary.

The new processor gives further 3 Credit and Debit Cards, therefor our members can select between 10 type of Credit or Debit Cards. Do you want more?
We have an alternative solution too.

Tell your friend this good news!

We hope we can see you soon, in the trusted group.



Second Skype contest

Skype Show Review

Here is the new contest on The title is of this awards, Skype show review. What is this? We would like more reviews, therefore start this contest.
If you are a camgril, then ask your customers write a review about you, and if you are a member, then write a review about the Skype model after the Skype show.
Please rate our Skype cam models, and earn free Tokens!

Every feedback is very important us, and for the other users too.
If a Skype model has many reviews, then you can see, what you can expect in a private show.

Be the first in this contest, and do Skype shows for free.


For Skype models

  1. 25 Tokens
  2. 15 Tokens
  3. 10 Tokens

For members

  1. 25 Tokens
  2. 15 Tokens
  3. 10 Tokens

– Each trusted members and active performers can start the race.
– One member can write two feedbacks about the same performer.
You can write more, but we evaluate only two feedbacks.
– One feedback must be minimum 140 characters length and must be unique.
– Copied text not allowed.
If your comment is shorter or not unique, then this review will not matter in the race.

For example: you write 4 reviews about X.
Reviews: R1, R2, R3, R4.
R1: too short (130 characters) -> invalid.
R2 and R3: more then 140 characters -> valid.
R4: more then 140 characters, but it is the 3rd comment what you written about X, so this is also invalid.

The winner is who receive (performer), and write (trusted member) the most valid feedback. If there is equality, then the winner is that, who sent/received the most Tokens in the contest period.

The contest lasts from March 4 to March 31.

You can read here the official Notice of Race.



Winter Queen of SkyPeepZ

Skype Sex News

We start a new topic on The name of  this topic Skype sex news, contest and awards. What is this? We will start countinusly several contest, where you can win extra tokens or other prizes. This is an simple game where you can win awards and glory for yourself. We would like to reward every loyal users who use our site. The top three finishers will be rewarded (members and performers too). You will find the actually contest and information about the race on the Skype sex news page.


Winter Queen of SkyPeepZ

Name of first contest: Winter Queen of SkyPeepZ. We are looking for the best webcam girl. We ask all members to help us find the best Skype model from SkyPeepZ, who should be the Winter Queen.

The race will last from February 1, 2014 to February 28, 2014.


For Skype models

  1. 75 Tokens + badge (Winter Queen of SkyPeepZ)
  2. 25 Tokens
  3. 10 Tokens

 For members

  1. 50 Tokens
  2. 20 Tokens
  3. 10 Tokens


Contest rules

All trusted members and active performers can vote for who sent or received tokens in the contest period. One Skype show, one vote option. The users can give 1, 2 or 3 points. The cam model who collect the most points will win the contest and she will be the Winter Queen of SkyPeepZ. The first place winner get 75, the 2nd 25 and the 3rd 10 Tokens. The performers also can vote for the members. The member who get the most points will win the race. The winner get 50 extra Tokens for free. Second and third 20 and 10 tokens. The vote is anonymous, nobody will know, who voted for whom, and how much was it. The Skype show client (member) and performer can vote anytime until the end of contest. The voting page can be found in the my account page. The voting page shows you where you are in the list. You can see four different text. You are in the top 3; you are in the top 5, you are in the top 10 or you are not in the top 10. We are gonna exclude all users from the race, who try to manipulate it. (For example, Skype show for 1 Token.)


Where you can vote

There are two options. The first option that you click on the vote button (1) after the successful token sending. The second option can be found on the my account page. Here also will find a vote button (2).

If you clicked on any vote button, you will see a list of your Skype shows.


List of winners

The race has been closed. Here is the list of winners.

winter queen1; AllesyaMary (Winter Queen)




2nd place2; Blonie19



3th place3; StephanyQ





Congratulations to every winner, and who have played in the game!


Easier paid Skype show identification and navigation

Feature: Usability update 01
Realase: January 20, 2014.

We have created more smaller function.


Changes on site

Breadcrumbs navigation

It is a simply development. You will find top of the page a breadcrumbs navigation. This navigation shows you where you are exactly in the website. You can easier to navigate between the pages if you use this option.

SkyPeepZ -> home page
Skype sex girls 2 -> 2nd page in the list of cam girls
StephanyQ -> the model’s personal page


Changes on profile page

Add to Skype contacts button

The Skype account not visible on the website. The users can add the models to their Skype if they click on the add to the Skype contacts button. Do not need manually action, this button helps for the easier use.

Skype chat button

Call me button has been replaced by chat button. Earlier this button started a Skype call, but it is not the best option for the performers. The new chat button will starts a Skype message.

Facebook and Twitter share on profile page

Every profile page got a share function. You can share your favorite cam model with your friends on facebook or on twitter.


Token sending

Skype account add for members

All trusted members can enter their Skype account. Only the performer can see your Skype account, when you pay for a Skype show. It is important for you, because the performer will see that you bought a show with her (or him). never share your Skype id with other person. You can enter your Skype id in two places:

1; My account

Click on this button, and add your Skype name.


2; Token sending

Tokens stat upgrade

The table includes a new column, Skype account. If the member, who sent the tokens, enter his Skype id, then this column will shows the id..


page after successful token sending


Country ban for performers

Feature: County ban
Release: January 10, 2014.

We have got more messages that it is necessary to have for a country ban function.
We have created the feature.
Every active performer can use the country ban function.


How it works

The users can not see your profile page from the selected country or countries.
A user from a blocked country will get a redirected page that your profile page is not available.

Your profile is visible on listpage, but your profile page is NOT visible from blocked countries. So they can not contact with you. The users (from a banned country) can not see your Skype account, photo gallery, promo video etc…

1; Click on the Country ban icon on the my account page

2; Click in either box.

You can select three countries what you want to block.

3; Select a country or countries

4; Click on the setup button

You are finished.

Restricted profile page

If a user visits your profile page from a blocked country, then will see this:

Skype sex in 2013, what happened to SkyPeepZ

We thought that we share with you what happened to SkyPeepZ in 2013.
The first part of the post includes a short flashback from the last year. What happened to the site, what new functions and features came from, and the second part includes a list of the best of 2013.

Changes on

The first development was the fake performer list. This list includes the models who tried to fool the members, and tried to steal their money, or gave fake shows (for example recorded video). This was followed the token sending system. The members could purchase tokens (and now too). It was the biggest news in 2013. We created further two feature in may. Skype online status and Skype status hiding. Sometimes is very slow the Microsoft server and can not query the Skype status. Online button has been replaced the Skype server queries. Most performers do not like the “freeloaders”, therefore we made a function for them. They can hide their Skype account from free members, and only trusted user can see their Skype id. Another bigger development was the VIP system. Our members get VIP points for their site activity. Purchases, token sending etc. The VIP points can be exchanged for free gifts. Free gifts like free tokens or VIP badge… We have released in this month also another new feature. This was the studio payout. The performers who are in the some studio can transfer their earnings to the studio account with only one click. The next month was the video uploading system. All performers can upload a promo video about themselves, and members can watch these videos.
The hardest development was when we made a total new website. We changed our old back-end codes, and created a mobile compatible site. Any platform can be use our site.
The last development was the affiliate program in 2013. Performers can refer new members. This was the last year, but we are working forward.


Best of 2013

Most popular Skype models

  1. ShesASexyBrat
  2. LuvDame
  3. CandyVicious
  4. starsgirl28
  5. Blonie19



  1. United States  – 18%
  2. United Kingdom – 10%
  3. Germany – 7%
  4. Canada – 4%
  5. Italy – 3%


  1. Chrome – 41%
  2. Firefox – 22%
  3. Safari – 14%
  4. Internet Explorer – 12%
  5. Android Browser – 5%


Future, what will happening in 2014 is an constantly developing website. We have more plan for the future. Even more payment option, better usability, more cam models, more bonus and free tokens, prize game etc…

We are waiting for your feedback, what you would like to see our website.

SkyPeepZ affiliate program

Dear SkyPeepZ models, affiliate program has started today.

Feature: Affiliate program
Relase: December 16, 2013.

You will find a new icon in my account page. This is the affiliate. You can refer new members with your id, and earn extra 40% commission on your earnings.


How it works

Your affiliate id works on your profile page, so you need to drive the traffic to your profile page. We create an affiliate id automatically to you. You can see your affiliate id on the affiliate page. If you want to know what is yours, then please, click on the affiliate icon, and see it on your page.

Our program is an hybrid. A little PPS (Pay Per Signup) and a little REVS (Revenue Share). We pay for every new trusted members, but not a fix amount. PPS, because we watch only the new ‘trusted members’, and REVS, because we give you percent, and not fix amount. You can see the next table our levels.


1 – 10 Trusted member 5%
11 – 25 Trusted member 10%
26 – 50 Trusted member 20%
51 – 100 Trusted member 30%
100+ Trusted member 40%

Well, if you bring 1 or 10 trusted user, then you will get +5% bonus on your earnings.
If you bring more than 100 trusted user, you will get +40% bonus on your earnings.

Share your affiliate link on social networks (Facebook, Google Plus etc.), Twitter, forums, blogs etc. But please do not spam! If you spam, we will block you from the affiliate program forever.


Principle of operation

  1. The user visits your profile page with your affiliate link.
  2. We store your affiliate id in the visitor’s cookie. Cookie validity: 15 days non rewritable, renewable after 15 days.
  3. The user must register within 15 days. When he registers, then he joins to your affiliate list. The time does not matter. The user is yours forever. You will get the bonus after him, when he purchases a token package and became trusted user.
  4. If he purchases a token package, you will get the affiliate bonus.



We will pay your affiliate bonus if you reach the payout limit. Why? Because it is better for you, and we want that you earn more money.
For example: you bring 26 tursted user, but only one want a show with you.
Your affiliate comission is 20%, but your income is only 10 usd (10 USD * 20% = 2 USD).
It is even more better, when you reached the payout limit, and then you will get the affiliate bonus (100 USD * 20% = 20 USD).

Share your affiliate link with your old clients, and bring new members, and earn extra money!