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Feature: VIP points (loyalty points)
Relase: August 1, 2013.

We have created a new loyalty system. You get VIP points for each approved transactions, and when using This system is better for everybody. Why? Because earlier the buyers did not get free Tokens for small package, only for big. Users who bought small package always and only, never got bonus Tokens. We canceled this system, and now, we give VIP points for all users. The points can be cashed in for different prizes. You can choose simple gifts, like FREE Tokens or extra, unique functions. Users who buy large packages will not be at a disadvantage. If you purchase bigger Token package, you get more VIP points. So if you have got more transactions and/or using our site continuously, you can do free Skype sex show!

VIP points for Token purchase
– 10 Tokens 1 VIP point
– 25 Tokens 3 VIP points
– 50 Tokens 7 VIP points
– 75 Tokens 11 VIP points
– 100 Tokens 15 VIP points

VIP points for Token sending
– You get different VIP points for every show
– Longer shows worth more points than shorter.
– Send Tokens and you will see how much points get you

VIP points for valid reviews
– Write longer and valid review about performers, and if your comment appear on site, you get VIP points.
Can I lose from my Points?
Yes, if you write fake review or you write a review with too short text, for example: ‘hello’, ‘what’s up?’, ‘you are the best’ ect…

How can I use my points?
Cashing in your VIP Points is easy.
free giftYou will find a new icon into my account.
FREE Gift is the name of page.
Click on the button.

This page is the page, where you canĀ use your points.

5 free tokens10 free tokens20 free tokens50 free tokens100 free tokensvip badgeall seeing eye

VIP badge
– The badge appear on your profile page, at messages, and when using the site, you get twice as many VIP points.
– Be V.I.P. member!

All Seeing Eye
– You can see a lot of hidden information.

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