Why use SkyPeepZ Tokens to Skype sex

Skype sex

The latest in fashion that the girls do not do show on cam sites, rather they do directly on Skype. It has many advantages, but disadvantage too.


– Cam quality is far better.
– Sounds are much more beautiful and clear.
– The most directly connection, you are alone with the model.
– Do not need Flash for video chat (you can use as well on mobile devices and all platform).
– Minute charges are usually less expensive.


– Payment risk

Payment risk

You pay for the show, but in many case the performers block you on Skype. You will lose your money, and the Skype show too. A lot of models ask you to payout by PayPal, but PayPal does not accept adult content. Violation of this policy can and will lead to the termination of your PayPal account.

SkyPeepZ Tokens

What is the solution for payment riks? It is very simply. Use SkyPeepZ Tokens.

– Easy
– Safe
– Secure
– Protect you

We can not protect you if you pay directly (PayPal, Amazons ect.) for performer, but if you pay with Tokens we can protect you from fake models. The payment process is 100% secure and the usage is easy.

Do not risk, be in safe, and use SkyPeepZ Tokens to Skype sex!