Country ban for performers

Feature: County ban
Release: January 10, 2014.

We have got more messages that it is necessary to have for a country ban function.
We have created the feature.
Every active performer can use the country ban function.


How it works

The users can not see your profile page from the selected country or countries.
A user from a blocked country will get a redirected page that your profile page is not available.

Your profile is visible on listpage, but your profile page is NOT visible from blocked countries. So they can not contact with you. The users (from a banned country) can not see your Skype account, photo gallery, promo video etc…

1; Click on the Country ban icon on the my account page

2; Click in either box.

You can select three countries what you want to block.

3; Select a country or countries

4; Click on the setup button

You are finished.

Restricted profile page

If a user visits your profile page from a blocked country, then will see this: