How to earn money with Skype

Can I make money with Skype? Is it possible? The answer is yes! I will tell you in 5 easy steps how to make money with Skype. You need only free time and a good idea, talent or knowledge. I don’t want to waste your time here, I will describe briefly.

1; Things you’ll need
– Desktop PC (or Mac) or laptop.
– Handycam or a good quality webcam. The Logitech 9 series is very good 
(c910 Pro or c920)
– Installed Skype and active Skype account. You can download from the Skype homepage.
– Internet (with good upload speed – HD stream needs high bandwidth, should be at least 1 Mbps upload speed.)

2; Choose a category
– Guess what will you do. What is your speciality, how can you help others.
– If you speak spanish, french, german, italian or other languages, you can teach them!
If you are a guitar hero, give us a guitar lesson! Be the best guitar teacher!
Are you a spiritual person? Medium or clairvoyant? Reading the future for money.
Or are you exhibitionist? Make money with webcam show! Lot of people looking for cam girls for live cam sex.

3; Get it customers
– You can get customers from classfiled sites (advertising) like Craiglist, or directly from “skype show” sites. If your choice the classified sites you must write an ad and you must give up every sites. This is wearisome. And them will delete your ad after x days.The second option is better, because who visit these sites, they want a virtual skype lesson or show ect…
Register at, where you can choose from several categories.

4; Take the money
– Definite your minute charge or make complete package (example: 45 minutes = 45 USD). The package is better as minute charge.
– Even before the performance ask for the money!
– You can receive money on PayPal, Payoneer, Gift card, bank wire transfer ect…
(If you want to do adult shows, don’t use your PayPal! They will not accept online adult entertainment payments. Your account will be frozen!
Select Payoneer, Paxum or other service what support adult purchase. If you do online teaching, like language lesson, you can be use PayPal too.)

5; Skype performance
– Do it your performance! (live cam show, online spanish lesson…)
I hope, I could help for you and you will earn a lot of money!
Good luck!

If you want to do a skype show and earn money or only watch/learn visit the www,