Second Skype contest

Skype Show Review

Here is the new contest on The title is of this awards, Skype show review. What is this? We would like more reviews, therefore start this contest.
If you are a camgril, then ask your customers write a review about you, and if you are a member, then write a review about the Skype model after the Skype show.
Please rate our Skype cam models, and earn free Tokens!

Every feedback is very important us, and for the other users too.
If a Skype model has many reviews, then you can see, what you can expect in a private show.

Be the first in this contest, and do Skype shows for free.


For Skype models

  1. 25 Tokens
  2. 15 Tokens
  3. 10 Tokens

For members

  1. 25 Tokens
  2. 15 Tokens
  3. 10 Tokens

– Each trusted members and active performers can start the race.
– One member can write two feedbacks about the same performer.
You can write more, but we evaluate only two feedbacks.
– One feedback must be minimum 140 characters length and must be unique.
– Copied text not allowed.
If your comment is shorter or not unique, then this review will not matter in the race.

For example: you write 4 reviews about X.
Reviews: R1, R2, R3, R4.
R1: too short (130 characters) -> invalid.
R2 and R3: more then 140 characters -> valid.
R4: more then 140 characters, but it is the 3rd comment what you written about X, so this is also invalid.

The winner is who receive (performer), and write (trusted member) the most valid feedback. If there is equality, then the winner is that, who sent/received the most Tokens in the contest period.

The contest lasts from March 4 to March 31.

You can read here the official Notice of Race.