Skype online status

Feature: site online status
Relase: May 26, 2013.

You may have noticed the Skype status is almost always wrong. The Microsoft servers always are slow.

We are starting a query every 15 minutes from Skype server. If the Microsoft server is fast, we can store your status and can visualize. If the server is slow, your status will be offline, because the query get timeout. have created a new method. You can change your status manually.
If you go online on SkyPeepZ, your account will get better rank. Your ‘official’ Skype status and your site status are different. You can always change your site status, but the ‘official’ Skype status is depend from Microsoft. If you are using our status, we can not show your ‘official’ Skype status.

If your Skype status does not work, and you are offline, click on the green button if you are available on Skype. After clicked your status will be online on your profile page and on list page. Your status will be online 1 hour until. We refresh the status 1 hour later on offline.
For example: you gone online at 00:13, we will retool your status to offline at 01:13.

If you want to go offline early, you can change your status on offline, if you click on the red button.