Skype show booking

Feature: booking
Relase: November 13, 2012.

Skype show booking is the new feature on Every member and performer can book shows with Skype cam models and with SkypeON members. It is works member to member, member to performer and performer to performer too.

Profile page
You will find the button to booking in the action menu on profile page.
If you want to book a Skype show click on the calendar icon.
When you click it, you will see a new window pop up. Here can select the date of show.






Click on the field and select a valid date. The date can be day of today or a day in the future. Now, click on the booking button. If you selected a valid date your booking request will be sent to performer. The Skype model get a message and an email for your booking request.

The performer can accept or decline the show on her/his bookings page.

Booking page
The new my account page included the bookings page too.




Here can you see all your bookings.

Show date: date of booked show
Performer: who is the performer (if you, then we write out your username and (you) text)
Status: status of booked show. The status can be: waiting, approved and canceled.
Waiting if the performer has not verified yet. Approved if the performer has accepted your request. Canceled if the performer has canceled the show with you.
Details: here can manage the show



If you click on the setup link you can see the show details in a new window (pop up) and can manage the show. Here can be rejected or accepted the Skype show.

You can cancel the approved show too. Example you got sick, or something came up…
If either party canceled (member or performer) the show status will be canceled.
We show up who canceled the show.

You will see this message if someone canceled the show:

We wish many successful Skype shows!