Warning, virus sending on Skype

We got a message a performer. She asked from us, we want to send an “.src” file to her.

Original message:
“Hello there i have someone contact me as skypeepz support at my skype telling me that there is complains on my profile sending me file with the rules for which they say its pdf but the file is named readyfdp.scr please let me know if this is you and if not let all models know someone trying to trick them or maybe even send them a virus by skype. Thank you in advance.”

No, we never send a file on Skype, and we never speak with our models on Skype. All support account is fake! Please do not accept these request, because it is a scam. The guy want a free show, or want to send a virus to you. Do not believe him! We have wrote a warning message in my account. Every performer can see we did not write to them.

We hope that no one clicked on the file.