Skype sex statistics on SkyPeepZ

Statistics of year 2015. We checked some important thing that can be important to you.


Most of the visitors were from the USA, 21,38% from the all visits. The next countries are UK, Germany, India and Italy. If we want to find the highest city, then it is London. The most visitor came from London.

United States 21,38%
United Kingdom 13,11%
Germany 4,66%
India 4,36%
Italy 3,45%



Desktop is the top, but ratio of mobile and tablets are increasing. We think a few years later there will be the 1st place in the list. This count was 81,66% to desktop in 2013, and now is 66,66%. Mobile and tablet could grow 15% in 2 years, and the process is faster and faster. We think mobile and tablet can reach 50% from the all traffic in 2016.

2015 2014 2013
Desktop 66,66% 73,53% 81,66%
Mobile 27,08% 20,19% 13,12%
Tablet 6,26% 6,29% 5,22%



Yes it is a stupid information for average users, but we noticed an interesting facts.
Firefox was a popular browser a few years ago, but now… fewer and fewer users are using it. Chrome is getting more popular.

Chrome 47,97%
Safari 16,8%
Firefox 16,43%
Internet Explorer 8,31%
Opera 2,58%


Keywords and search traffic

What are looking for our visitors? Here is a table that includes the top 5 keywords.
You can see the first in the list is skypeepz (the name of website), and each next keywords include this word; sex.

Keyword Percent Landing page
skypeepz 2,44% home
skype sex cam 1,91% girls
free skype sex 1,75% girls page 2
skype sex 1,58% girls
skype sex shows 1,31% home


Most popular Skype models

Skype model Visits
StephanyQ 23 876
dolcedallya 15 032
orgasmik90 14 281
clarisa_clary 14 183
AnnaBellaQ 13 960

skype models


Top rated models

katrinajamesonn The best sex show on cam!
DolceEli Rafined, Sensual, Obident Model
StephanyQ Cum and see Pure XXX tasy
Erinne Come fuck me hard bb!
clarisa_clary NEW NEW NEW! Let’s Have Fun Guys!

top rated girls


New models

We do not listed all models, because the list is long. We write just a number.
249 new models had begun to work in the previous year.


Skype shows

The most popular shows are the 5 minutes length Skype shows, and the 2nd are the 15 minutes shows.

5 minutes shows 50,08%
10 minutes shows 15,27%
15 minutes shows 25,50%
20 minutes shows 6,52%
30 minutes shows 1,62%
45 minutes shows 1,01%

Average token sending is 17, and the most popular amount is 10 tokens.