the site of Skype sex renewed

Feature: SkyPeepZ 3.0
Release: September 22, 2015.

We changed the old site to a new one. SkyPeepZ has a new design and back-end code among others. More functions will be simply and easier to use. We do not speak about technical issue, because it is not important to you, and it is not a coder blog. We think the users who visit this blog are looking for Skype sex or any webcam topic with cyber sex.

Here is a list what are the major new features with the exception of website design:

Profile page – SI
You can see on the models’ profile page a new box. This box includes a number (SI). Successfulness index (SI) shows the ratio of the successful live cam shows.
The script monitors only the ratio of refunds and shows.

What does it mean?
Here is an example about SI.
The model has 10 shows, but 1 was fake (or she did not do), and we refunded. SI is 90%.
If the performer has 50 shows and we must refund 2 shows the SI is 96%.
Or if she has 30 shows and 0 refunds, then her SI is 100%.
So SI is help for you in choose.

We created a new message system. You can find your old messages in the new system too. You can see a number on the top of page that shows how many unread messages you have. Your read messages are grouped by username, and sorted by date. It looks like a chat, you can see the overall chat history on one page.

Login page
We have introduced Google recaptcha on login page.
A fucking idiot always tried to access to users login details and ran a script what tried username / password combination. He could not access any account, but the server was slow. Google recaptcha is a good solution to this issue. A better protection for your account, and a faster server (website).

Performer side
If you want a performer account you can register as performer. You could not select direct performer registration in the old version of website, but now you can.


Removed list
We have removed the list of fake performers. You can find the list, because the URL is valid, but you cannot find a direct link on website. So the list is here: Fake Skype models

We have removed 2 categories as well, esoteric and learning. Nobody looking for performers from these categories therefore we think these are unnecessary.


You can find more information about the new site in the following link: SkyPeepZ Skype sex manual. We hope you will enjoy every new features and you will be satisfied.