SkyPeepZ affiliate program

Dear SkyPeepZ models, affiliate program has started today.

Feature: Affiliate program
Relase: December 16, 2013.

You will find a new icon in my account page. This is the affiliate. You can refer new members with your id, and earn extra 40% commission on your earnings.


How it works

Your affiliate id works on your profile page, so you need to drive the traffic to your profile page. We create an affiliate id automatically to you. You can see your affiliate id on the affiliate page. If you want to know what is yours, then please, click on the affiliate icon, and see it on your page.

Our program is an hybrid. A little PPS (Pay Per Signup) and a little REVS (Revenue Share). We pay for every new trusted members, but not a fix amount. PPS, because we watch only the new ‘trusted members’, and REVS, because we give you percent, and not fix amount. You can see the next table our levels.


1 – 10 Trusted member 5%
11 – 25 Trusted member 10%
26 – 50 Trusted member 20%
51 – 100 Trusted member 30%
100+ Trusted member 40%

Well, if you bring 1 or 10 trusted user, then you will get +5% bonus on your earnings.
If you bring more than 100 trusted user, you will get +40% bonus on your earnings.

Share your affiliate link on social networks (Facebook, Google Plus etc.), Twitter, forums, blogs etc. But please do not spam! If you spam, we will block you from the affiliate program forever.


Principle of operation

  1. The user visits your profile page with your affiliate link.
  2. We store your affiliate id in the visitor’s cookie. Cookie validity: 15 days non rewritable, renewable after 15 days.
  3. The user must register within 15 days. When he registers, then he joins to your affiliate list. The time does not matter. The user is yours forever. You will get the bonus after him, when he purchases a token package and became trusted user.
  4. If he purchases a token package, you will get the affiliate bonus.



We will pay your affiliate bonus if you reach the payout limit. Why? Because it is better for you, and we want that you earn more money.
For example: you bring 26 tursted user, but only one want a show with you.
Your affiliate comission is 20%, but your income is only 10 usd (10 USD * 20% = 2 USD).
It is even more better, when you reached the payout limit, and then you will get the affiliate bonus (100 USD * 20% = 20 USD).

Share your affiliate link with your old clients, and bring new members, and earn extra money!


Warning, virus sending on Skype

We got a message a performer. She asked from us, we want to send an “.src” file to her.

Original message:
“Hello there i have someone contact me as skypeepz support at my skype telling me that there is complains on my profile sending me file with the rules for which they say its pdf but the file is named readyfdp.scr please let me know if this is you and if not let all models know someone trying to trick them or maybe even send them a virus by skype. Thank you in advance.”

No, we never send a file on Skype, and we never speak with our models on Skype. All support account is fake! Please do not accept these request, because it is a scam. The guy want a free show, or want to send a virus to you. Do not believe him! We have wrote a warning message in my account. Every performer can see we did not write to them.

We hope that no one clicked on the file.


Camgirl interviews

New topic starts coming soon on our blog. The subject of the topic is camgirl interviews. You can read a new interview with cam models every week. We will post every week an interview about one of our models.


If you care the cam models’ life, and you would like know more information about them, come back every week and read our cam girl interviews.
If you have any questions from the models, or you have a favorite model, please write it us. Visit our help page, and send us your questions or the name of your favorite model, and we will make an interview with her, what you can read here.